Change Control

Your products and Quality Management System are constantly evolving to ensure you continue to meet the needs of customers, so changes should be able to be implemented easily, quickly, and in accordance with the regulations. With fully auditable records and change traceability, changes can be made at the right time and in the right way.

Change Control Feature List

Make changes easily with full traceability and remain in compliance with best practices for changing controlled documents.

Revision Control and Full Version History

Document Control supports Updating, Obsoleting and reverting to a previous version

Customizable Approver Signature Authority

Configure by document type and approver level, allowing multiple team members from different departments and seniority to approve or reject the Document Change with a full signature audit trail

Supports any Document Type

12 out of the box document types are provided with an administration workflow to change both the document type name, prefix and create custom types

Auto Archiving

Full document obsoleting workflow with audit trail

Email Alerts

Customizable alerts for any Document related event including Document Released, Rejected, Obsoleted, UpRev, and more

File Attachments

Seamless attachment tracking with primary documents

Integrated Training

Automatically train users any time a document is released, train specific users during document release, train users after document release

Part 11 Compliant Electronic Signatures

During the approval process, users are required to enter their signature pin to ensure a compliant signoff experience

Multi-document Review and Signoff

Document Change Orders support multiple document review and approvals

Records Templates

Provided for ease of use and compliance