Eliminate the cause of existing or potential nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence with a comprehensive CAPA workflow. CAPAs based on smart controls and effective procedures allow your quality management system to integrate changes across workflows – connecting with risk, product, and process changes. With fully integrated training across the CAPA module, your records are complete and audit ready.

CAPAs Feature List

Corrective and preventative action workflows allow identification and analysis of product and quality problems in accordance with the regulation and best practices.

Root Cause Analysis

Fully document and your root cause analysis

Risk Management

Ensure CAPAs are evaluated for impact to product or quality management system risk

Customizable to international jurisdictions

Fully customizable to accommodate all of your internal audit requirements

Risk Impact Assessment

Upload or document your risk impacts with full electronic signoff

Automatic Record Generation

Generate CAPA records quickly and easily

Supports Attachments

Ensure all applicable files are provided and available

Easy download for sharing

Share CAPAs with suppliers or other key partners for easy resolution

Manage Approvals

Fully customized approval workflows